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Fleepas is an Android app with quick and super fun Augmented Reality games, the "Fleeps".

With Fleepas your smartphone can understand the physical world around you and fill it in with amazing new digital experiences.



You can play Fleeps in any physical space after scanning it with your phone. Upload your scan so that any user present at that location or "FleepSite" can enter and play.

Tell your friends or customers about your FleepSite and wait to see who gets the highest score!

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First of all create your account.
It's free.
Start a omigARi Single Player game
Scan the area where you want
the game to take place
when prompted
Choose a representative location
as reference point
Fill in some basic data
Now any user close enough
to your FleepSite can find it,
localize their device,
and play omigARi on it
Check out the top scorers in the ranking
as more people play on your FleepSite
Watch this short tutorial
to learn more



Try omigaRi now, our first Fleep

Lightweight and with a straightforward dynamic, so that anyone can play from minute zero.


Hit as many origami birds as you can! The birds emerge from the green origami tubes and, in just a few seconds, escape to another dimension through invisible holes.

Keep Rolling

These balls are crazy! They roll on the floor, the walls, the ceiling and all kinds of obstacles. Will you be able to put them in their holes?


And more will come...



Phone Frame
Explore Fleeps and FleepSites
played in nearby locations
Play more to be at the top of the rankings
Share a video of your last game
on your favorite social app
Customize your
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